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Jet Services Employment

We currently have the following job opening(s)

Food & Beverage Vendors

Currently seeking highly motivated individuals to assist with our in-seat vending operations. Great pay! Interested applicants can call JET Services, Inc. @ 877-JET-VEND, email jscheidhauer@jetservicesinc.com, fax resume to 410-569-9137 or complete the online application.

Job Description

Vendors need to be physically fit-capable of carrying a load of product (beer, water, hot dogs, etc) up and down the aisles. Vendors need to be 18 years of age and adhere to strict stadium rules. Vendors will handle cash transactions throughout the event. Vendors are expected to arrive 2 hours prior to the start of the event.


Vendors are paid by commission and will receive at least 10% of the net sales. A motivated vendor should expect to sell 6 cases of beer and 2 cases of water per game. This would generate $1,200.00 in gross sales and your commission would be $114.00 plus tips.


Vendors wear khaki pants/shorts with a yellow polo, orange visor and black change apron. The yellow polo, orange visor, and apron cost $10.00/each. Vendors must also wear a price button which displays the item you are selling.